Former Cannabis Cup Winner still a fave. Blueberry Kush

It won the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica. This was a DJ Short creation back in the 70's and like all good hippies he shared the seeds, his growing methods and then worked with other growers to create a bud that is - to this day - a fruity, fresh bud that actually often tastes like blueberries...It is Blueberry Kush.

The bud offers a relaxing sensation that is ideal for initiating sleep. It is recommended by fellow patients to calm evening anxiety and make falling asleep much easier. It is not the heaviest of highs, but it is also good for patients who may require daytime pain-relief or sleep at off-hours.

Try this delicious bud and let us know what you thought of the taste and the effects.

Happy and High!

#blueberrystrain #blueberry #MedicalMarijuana #outdoorweed #indica #CandianStrain #DJShort #Weed #WeedReview

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