Zoom! To the Moon! Moonrocket Review

I first had the chance to try these at a cannabis celebration in Toronto last summer where the incredibly friendly folks from Fukushima Pre-roll Factory were sampling their offerings. I was so intrigued that I bought a few and got the story from them about the product.

This is for the serious smoker. It is a triple-medicated joint that is described by the manufacturer like this:

"Moonrockets are an all top shelf bud Fukushima prerolled joint soaked with clear distillate and then rolled in high quality keifs. Proceed with caution, high "green out" factor with these beasts."

Admittedly these are advanced joints. The flavor is enhanced by the distillate bringing the terps to the surface through the entire joint. It burns nice with a brilliant white ash and even our in-house joint artist, Stinky Grinder would be impressed.

Check out Fukushima if you want some more info and it looks like you can order from them direct as well.

#moonrocket #joints #Weed #fukushima

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