What can CBD do for you?

Recently a number of people have reached out to us from across North America asking what the benefits of CBD are. While the list of medical benefits seem to continue to grow as more medical professionals embrace this cannabis derivative as a form of treatment for their patients.

First of all - CBD is not

a psychoactive like TCH. Ok, that being said:

In a recent article posted on draxe.com (a site about food as medicine), which I used a resource when looking into the most up-to-date list of benefits, they point out the immediate list of notable medicinal effects as the following:

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Nausea reduction

  • Pain relief and reducing Inflammation.

  • Seizures and Other Neurological Disorders have been know to be reduced with CBD

  • Cardiovascular Health.

  • Has Antipsychotic Effects have been reported in recent studies.

Our bodies contain special receptors in the nervous system that are activated by compounds found in cannabis and hemp plants and it's these receptors that allow the benefits of CBD. In many places where Cannabis is illegal, CBD is completely legal and often quite accessible.

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