An engaging, terpy shatter out of nowhere.

I love when a concentrates company arrives on my radar bringing a new and cleaner, even better tasting blend of effects. The folks at Skunk & Panda have hit it on the noggin'. Their product is available at MMJ Canada in their Ontario medical product dispensaries at an average price of $35/half gram....ok take a breath, because it is priced right. This is a genuinely top-shelf product. I looked around on the web for some info about the producers and they are beloved by patients in BC for a lineage of great extracts. This is their latest and it is impressive.

The effects are quite immediate - at least the strain that I tried...Holy Grail. HOLY SHIT. Tasted so great and it was truly a full body effect. Also I found that the high lasted a long time providing me enough comfort to fall asleep and sleep soundly.

Shout out to the nice folks at MMJ. Always super knowledgeable.

I hope you get a chance to try it.


#shatterboo #Shatter #concentrates

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