Duke Nukem dank, dank, dank. Goodnite!

This is the ideal bud in my opinion. The bud's origin includes strains like: Mendo Purps, Trainwreck, and Jack the Ripper. Although this is a hybrid of some very quality buds, it is definitely a Sativa dominant flower. An earthy bouquet that also has a hint of both UK cheese and sour diesel. An impressive cerebral effect is almost immediate and then after just 20 minutes or so you can settle in to an over-all up-beat, creative zone of pain relief.

The TCH ranges from 12%-18% (I must have a batch that is in the 18% range because...whew...I am flyin') and just based on the effects I am feeling, I can see this treating the side effects of anxiety and depression with some efficiency.

Love Duke Nukem. A great strain.

#420 #hybrid #Weed #MedicalMarijuana #MMJ #sativadominant #cannabis

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