And now under the big top! Medicated Cotton Candy is so good!

You know when you keep seeing a product and you wonder... should I? That is the case exactly with my relationship to Medicated Cotton Candy. I am not a big edible fan for the most part so although I had heard it was yummy and effective, it took some time for me to give in. Today I did. The experience is very pleasant all around. My prescription called for 50mg edibles one hour before bed and a joint to start the process. I skipped the edible until usually until I tried this!

Costs about $10 and comes several flavors such as grape, lime, cherry and blueberry. I was about 50mg in when I started to feel the effects of this delicious treat start to take effect. Very uplifting and relaxing to say the least. I should have been following my prescription as it turns out because I feel ready for bed and my body is totally at ease. Pains that normally keep me awake have been fading over the last hour. Totally love Medicated Cotton Candy. Thanks to the folks at Soco North for the sample to try. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!

#MedicalMarijuana #edible #medible #sleepy #painrelief #medicatedcottoncandy #body

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