Agent Orange...Phyto has it totally right.

There are moments when the extract you have purchased makes the grade or doesn't. You have a clean bowl, the nail is perfect temp and you make the dab - Taste? Smooth? Head rush? My Budtender at MMJ Canada on Bloor St. in Toronto touched on all of these points when we discussed that while pain relief is the cause of my sleeplessness, shatter often seems to keep me awake. Almost the first thing he said was "...and this one doesn't keep me awake. It does the opposite."

Phyto Extracts are consistent and the pricing is fair for the quality of product they offer. This one got me. It has immediate effects that included a body high and muscle relaxation in my neck and back. I was not overly high or out of sorts. The hit was smooth and very tasty. Fruity with a hint of citrus specifically. The effects lasted some time and the dabs I used were a conservative dosage.

It was reviewed by several of the contributors at TheStrain over the last month. A good response from all.

#MedicalMarijuana #Concentrates #Shatter #AgentOrange #Relaxed #taste #Flavourful #dabs

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