Super Silver Haze for days!

It all starts with the fantastic bouquet this bud offers up. It is lemony and piney all at once. There is an undertone of earthiness. It just smells fresh. The taste gives away the origins of this strain - it is a hybrid of Skunk-X-Haze and Northern Lights -x- Haze. The flavors of skunk leak through the haze lemon overtone. It is really nice.

The effects are very pleasant with an energizing buzz that also offers calming effects. The combination of these effects are ideal for day-time medicating while allowing you to stay alert and some even report an up-tick in creativity.

A total recommend as far as Sativa-dominant hybrids go. Get some and let us know what you think.

This wonderful strain was submitted by MMJ Canada and it was an incredible specimen.

#sativa #Hybrid #supersilverhaze #MedicalMarijuana #flower #bud

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