Master Kush a full-body experience.

Hi, it's Bitter Blunts, how’s it going? Lets talk about Master Kush. This leafy green bud has a distinct and pungent smell that is earthy in a vegetable garden kind of way. Kind of like carrots in my opinion. With an abundance of fine orange hairs crumpled within its leaves it has a nice, classic look. And it’s over all effectiveness on giving a good body high lives up to its name.

Master Kush gives a soothing, full body experience that is great for easing pain and calming your anxieties. Its euphoric relaxation does not cause you to be drowsy however. It picks you up and gets you in a happy mood that is sustained for a decent time. I find it helps with creativity and gives you enough energy to get whatever you need to do done. For these reasons, I would say Master Kush leans more toward medical uses like treating pain and anxiety relief. Managed to find this in Toronto. Yay...Potluck.

#MasterKush #kush #indica #body #pain #sleep #insomnia

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