White Kush ...pillow-bound buzz from MMJCanada.

White Kush, an Indica strain from MMJ Canada, has a very sweet yet earthy smell reminiscent of ripe mangos. This kush takes heritage from both it's parent strains, taking the bright orange colour from Afghan Kush, and it's intense crystals from White Widow.

White Kush is uplifting, yet relaxing. As an indica, this strain will help you kick back before a good night's rest. Staying true to its heritage, White Kush highlights a strong and pungent aroma while also being perfect for relaxation and stress relief; great for winding down at the end of the day, especially if you're effected by body highs.

This strain is great for those who have insomnia troubles or often find themselves nervous and having difficulty relaxing. I know it's definitely helped me as someone who has frequent anxiety, and I recommend it to anyone with a prescription who has this problem.

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