Cherry Pie Cookie - Top Shelf Indica

This flower is all about the effects. It is a top-shelf Indica that works well, tastes great and elevates the game. If what you need is to find yourself relaxed and at ease - to release tension in your muscles and allow anxiety to subside then this might be the bud for you. I have heard it suggested as medicine for patients with sleep problems as well.

It does not necessarily need to make you drowsy to take effect. Some people find the strain to uplifting and creative overtones as well. Perhaps because of it's genealogy (Durban Poison and Grand Daddy Purple) it seems in some cases to have a calming effects without shutting you down.

The taste and smoke is outstanding. We will update with a review of vaping to see what the results are but when smoked, Cherry Pie Cookie is a fast-acting friend to patients with pain preventing sleep, nausea preventing appetite. Over-all this heavy Indica has all the traits of a premium Bud. I submitted this review because my bud-tender at MMJ Canada, Sean already knew I needed to find pain relief noting I had hobbled in to the dispensary. A great recommend.

A good strain. No two ways about it.

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