The YoCan Evolve Plus is AMAZING!

Okay, this is one of our favourites lately!

The EVOLVE PLUS pen from YoCan is honestly so amazing. It provides the user with a pure and absolutely delicious taste from the concentrates we put in the donut chamber. This coil is made with medical grade ceramic which heats up to roast your dabs on a low temp. One glob about the size of three larger cannabis seeds will vape for approximately 3-15 long and slow draws - dependent on the product being consumed. Overall the medical effects this pen provides the users with is almost overwhelming. It hits you as if you just hit a dab from a typical rig with an e-nail.

Would 100% recommend this product for its overall efficacy, purity, and PRICE!

****NOTE FROM Enthusiastic Staff****

Both The Sticky Grinder and Enthusiastic Staff got in on this review...totally organically. Yes, we both actually bought this vape. Truth is TSG recommended it to ES and now we both rave about this pen. While it is bigger than some vape pens on the market, it comes with advantages such as room for a Quartz double coil system, a nice cooling chamber for long deep draws, and a longer battery life. The Evolve runs between $50- $70 and the coils replacements are about $10 each but they do last and last and...

Overall - one of the best vapes on the market today for concentrates.

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