Watermelon makes me feel Wavy, THANKS MMJ CANADA!

The Sticky Grinder here - and I thought I would post a brief review of the Watermelon strain I picked up the other day. To anybody who has had Shishkaberry or White Castle, the Watermelon may seem a little familiar. Other than the big fluffy buds, the remaining aspects of this bud remind me distinctly of the above-mentioned flowers.

Strange enough, Watermelon smells almost like a nice fresh banana. When smoked, it gives off a strong weedy smell. I am usually better at describing scents but this smells like fresh weed (skunky with a little bit of an after musk - the type that reminds me of rap concerts). This bud was crystally and decently sticky but nothing special in this regard.

In terms of taste, originally I was thinking banana but after smoking the whole joint I am noticing slight tones of watermelon which are really interesting to me. It's rare I find a bud with a melon taste. I wonder what terpenes caused this, and would like to get my hands on some of these! Send us an e-mail if you have any info on where to find melon flavoured terps. In terms of medical effects, certainly heavy on the Sativa side of the spectrum. I feel spaced out completely and I'm only 3/4 done the joint.

THIS IS GREAT CONCERT WEED. As the motorbike drove by on the street, the sounds were simply breathtaking. That fact, combined with the musky concert weed scent in the air leads me to believe that I need more of this for the next live concert I see! Overall the Watermelon is a 7.5/10 in my opinion and I would recommend this bud to those looking for a nice blend of sativa and indica - heavier on the sativa side though. If you have had the pleasure of trying this flower, let us know what you thought of it!

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