The Tasty, but Not-So-Creepy Creeper: 300 mg Creeper Milk Chocolate Bar

I've been meaning to post this product review for quite a while now. Firstly because it is my first edible cannabis product review. Second, I love food. Third, I love getting medicated. You get the gist of it; I've been excited for this one.

I bought the Creeper bar at the same time as I bought the MK Ultra, from Potluck Apothecary & Dispensary in Toronto. I tried to find a time to eat this when I could get a true unbiased reflection of the effects of this product.

So I ended up at the cinemas with my girlfriend, and I felt it was finally the time. Feeling like Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka, I unwrapped my golden ticket to enjoyment for the upcoming movie...

Upon first scent, the chocolate smelled like a Lindt 70% CACAO bar. One bite in, and it tasted like they used a base of coconut oil for the extraction, considering it was one of the main flavours I was able to detect. I was stoked to taste a subtle aftertaste of grassy goodness approximately ten seconds after the chocolate dissolved into my saliva. When I was halfway done eating the bar, I decided that I liked the taste and would recommend it to others, just based on that fact alone. If I were to compare the taste to another well known product, I would compare it to a Nutella based chocolate bar or brownie.

I ate the bar at approximately 10:07 PM, our movie was starting around 10:35....

It saddens me to report that after a longer than expected movie, I felt no effect from the "300 mg" creeper bar. This does not mean I didn't like it and it does not go to show that there is a problem with the dosage. It could simply be that I have an extremely heavy tolerance that creepers can't creep, or maybe it was so creepy that it was just not noticeable. Whatever the case, I think you should certainly give it a try for yourself and let me know what you think as I would like to suggest this product based on the taste and packaging, but the only thing holding me back at this point in time would be the efficacy. Not to mention, when considering the efficacy + price together (A WHOPPING $25), this simply makes no sense for somebody on a budget with a heavy tolerance. But for the casual user or hipster hitter, this chocolate bar could be just what you need to keep you hootin' through the day (or sleeping through the night). ​

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