#HolyHybrid - This God's Green Crack is Truly Something Else

After smelling this strain for the first time at Cannawide Top Shelf, it was clear to me that I needed to try it.

Considering the overall jar appeal and medical effects in themselves, this bud is a true pleaser. To top it all off, God's Green Crack tastes light and floral, comparable to a pleasant cup of jasmine tea with a hint of skunk. This strain boasts some of the sweetest piney flavours I have ever experienced in a bud.

I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this bud. When smoking a joint, it burned smooth until completion, and tasted consistently amazing throughout the experience. I call it an experience because smoking this bud for me will always be a great experience. This is the third different variety of the God's Green Crack I have had the opportunity to enjoy in Ontario, and it never fails to live up to my expectations from prior experiences. This is the kind of bud that I think about all day and look forward to smelling when I get home. When I talk about smelling my bud, I mean SMELLING MY BUD! Pre grind, mid grind, after grind, after roll, mid roll, it smells magnificent. I wish air freshners came in this scent, although I will admit I say this about quite a few buds (who doesn't??).

The medical effects can be primarily described as an indica dominant hybrid in my opinion. Although, many consumers of this herb would argue this due to the fact that Green Crack is known to be a sativa dominant strain.

It cheers me up and induces hunger, which are two major reasons why I use cannabis. Although, when mixed with other flowers, GGC can be the perfect medication for body pains (i.e. back pain, chronic headaches) and many other ailments.

For more information on God's Green Crack, or if you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us! We are friendly and LOVE feedback!

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