Tuna Kush - Goodnight. zzz...zzz...zzz

Are you having a hard time getting your muscles or mind...or both...to relax when it is time to get sleep? If so you are likely adding stress to your life and hampering your health in ways you cannot imagine. Even when this situation arises in my life, the anxiety and exhaustion associated with the lack of sleep combined with pain is almost too much to handle. Recently I was recommended an hybrid strain that might work for me in this kind of scenario.

I was able to fill a prescription last week that would make a version of this strain available to me and low and behold... within days, I needed to try it. It is a particularly potent descendant of Hindu Kush and it's history reaches all the way back to ancient hash extractions that are still around today. It has a very strong, pungent odor and the taste has the most pronounced exotic Kush flavors you will ever taste.

The medicinal effects of Tuna Kush include relaxation, sleepiness, muscle pain relief and even cutting nausea. It saved my week by helping me feel well enough to sleep - which, in turn made me feel better for several days in a row.

Highly recommended. Pun intended.

Have an amazing day!

#kush #hybrid #medicalmarijuana #weed #marijuana #relax #pain #nausearelief #painrelief

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