White Widow + Aghan Kush = A soft descent into sleep. White Kush Reviewed.

I wasn't looking taste this time. I was not interested in how well the joint was rolled or even how evenly it was cured. This time I needed relief fast. I had a pain situation that became untenable and I needed help. Bring in White Kush, please. OK. Here are the basics on the bud: It is an indica noted for a relaxing effect on muscles and the mind. It is ideal for sleep although it does take a while for the effects to reach their peak. The medicinal values of this flower are obvious with even just a small dose (one joint of .75 of a gram) would likely suffice.

While I did mention I was not looking for taste, the White Kush offered the pleasant bonus of what all of my favorite strains has: a sweet but earthy taste with a hint of skunk.

White it might not make The Best Indica Strains of 2016...I would vote for it. I really appreciated White Kush as an all-around quality flower.

Thanks for reading. Feel well.

#MMJCanada #medication #trichomes #indica

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