Kosher Kush from MMJ Canada is certainly Kosher in TheStickyGrinder's book!

Hey folks! TheStickyGrinder here again, and I'm amazed by this Kosher Kush. It smells like the death bubba in terms of potency factor but almost like a mix of Master Kush and Death Bubba in flavour.

This hits you in the face. 4 tokes into the joint, and it's obvious that your using some serious medication. A little bit harsh, likely because of the overall potency of this Kush.

Nugs are pretty dense, very sticky, and small on average (potentially because I only got two grams - looks like pieces of one massive nug).

After smoking a pinner out of my favourite Element King Size papers, I'm just about ready for bed... But it's only 8:00 pm. **Heavy Indica alert** In terms of medical effects this Kosher Kush is extremely relaxing and somewhat disorienting (GREAT for bed). I would not recommend this for beginner users as it may be overwhelming. In fact, TheStickyGrinder almost guarantees that this bud will be a little much for beginner users.

I can't stress enough how much I am looking forward to picking up more of the Kosh from MMJ Canada - they are seriously impressing TheStickyGrinder with this style of bud.

I got this bud from the MMJ location on Cumberland in Toronto - service 10, everything 10! They were friendly, helpful, and did not rush me. They had quite the variety of products and they were knowledgeable on most of them. I visited the location down on Bloor St W. and they seemed to have the same bud but I think it was just a little bit fresher! I am extremely picky though, I don't believe too many people would be able to tell the difference.

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