researchers detected at least 5 flavours in White Rhino, from MMJ Canada

TheStickyGrinder thought this was bananas. But to his surprise, it's actually White Rhino from MMJ Canada.

First off, to make note of the smell - She reeks of bananas, pine, lavender, raspberry, and just a wee bit of fromagé. This truly is a unique smell in the grinder. The colour of the bud is a very apparent light green colour as its ground up (before grinding, the bud appears light in colour and fluffy as well)...

I can't forget to mention how it is just CAKED with white trichomes (my favourite colour)! Wow!

Third of the way through the joint, I’m thinking “This is great." Banana and berry are the most noticed flavours through the duration of the joint as well, which I find to be refreshing. Often, my joints will taste of skunky heavy grass, so this unique change is great.

In terms of effects, while smoking a joint, White Rhino is smooth and very relaxing. Certainly a hybrid but so far seems like a pretty 50/50 (indica/sativa) blend. It is clear to me that this smoke is of a very high quality, all other factors aside. This is the kind of bud that is nice to always have in hand for those days where you are just looking to relax around the house or maybe go to the park with some family or friends. I would imagine this bud to be good for couples looking to literally spice it up in the bedroom. I'm smoking this outdoors but I still smell this bud, which gives off a delicious spicy smelling smoke.

I mentioned this bud may be good for couples in the bedroom - but for those looking to take it a step further, have you heard of Cannabis lubricant? I’ve heard great things but would be very curious to hear your opinion!

One more thing: if you have any recipes for a cannabis lubricant or oil - feel free to send it over, we may feature yours in a future post.

Thanks for reading!

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