Pleasant Purple Candy from MMJ Canada

Purple Candy from MMJ Canada smells sweet and very much like a variety of purple chemo or high-grade purple Kush that I've had in the past. This popular BC strain is often said to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purple (originating in the Mendocino region of NorCal, USA). The tiny nuggets are engulfed in amber hairs, which are tell-tale signs that this is indeed a cross with some purple genetics. The dense and sticky buds are perfectly cured and break easily with a nice satisfying snap sound.

After grinding the bud, it takes on a more coffee-like scent, similar to a heavier high grade OG. The colour after grinding it up was equally as purple, but the smell was 15 x stronger. Needless to say, this guy is very excited to smoke this. After rolling, I tried a little dry pull, which tasted nice and herby.

First pull tasted like burning. Second pull as well. Third toke in, the taste became a little kushier, and extremely smooth. After four pulls the joint ash became a consistent brownish grey - perhaps due to the purple in the bud. Towards the end of the joint, the flavour really came through and was quite delicious, however the first few pulls left a bad taste in my mouth, so I would say this bud could be more beneficial to users who smoke bowls or vaporizer vs. smoking joints. Effects from this bud are seemingly mild, but perfect for the after work toker or pre video game user.

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