CannaCure Lemon OG Concentrates a strong recommend.

This amazingly tasty hybrid concentrate was highly recommended by my bud tender Sean. He mentioned that the effects were very quick and the taste was delightful. He was right on all accounts. I looked around to find that this strain has often got as much as 75% TCH and it has amazing results with people suffering anxiety, depression and even comes highly endorsed for arthritis pain.

The dabs you see here were a little out of sorts from transport but that did not seem to affect it at all. A totally enjoyable medicated feeling takes hold within a matter of minutes and your level of relaxation should be enhanced at the same time you feel the initial effects, which I find very rare indeed. CannaCure seems to have this strain of shatter mastered.

This strain shows up available elusively it seems for the moment at MMJ Canada on Bloor St. Ask you doctor if this strain might be good for you if your symptoms for the above mentioned diseases and ailments need fast, mellowing relief.

Be well.

#LemonOGShatter #LemonOG #Hybrid #MedicalMarijuana

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