Arthritis Relief Without the Giggles - Tangerine Dream from MMJ Canada

The tangerine dream from MMJ Canada smells a little bit like Play Doh in the best way possible. To me it smells like a Sativa - it reminds me of other sativa dominant buds such as white widow or gods vagina 2.0 by Jeff Tek. To put it bluntly ;) the bud smells like something fragrant and fruity, but not edible (hence the play doh comparison). After grinding the bud there's a distinct aroma of Pine and lovely bursts of citrus which are fitting to the sativa reputation. It grounds into a fine sticky powder with ease. No effort to grind after the initial grind which is nice for my arthritis.

The flower tastes a little cheesy but with a pleasant aftertaste - hard to pinpoint what it is exactly.

It's certainly a significantly potent bud but the flush is not up to BubbeBubba's expectation. It's a little bit harsh through the joint however it still delivers the medicine that I was looking for to get a couple things done before bed. When I used it through my Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer, I was very impressed with the flavour and the overall effect that this bud provided me.

Overall, BubbeBubba would certainly recommend the Tangerine Dream from MMJ Canada. My grandson recommended it for my arthritis and I was so thrilled with the relief that I asked him to help me contribute to The Strain. I check The Strain frequently and look to them for guidance on strain knowledge and accurate opinion. Thank you to TheStickyGrinder and all of TheStrain staff for enabling me to share my opinion on this awesome medicine. I hope others will check out Tangerine Dream after hearing about my extremely positive experience with it - and THANK you to MMJ for your kind service and knowledge.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me (BubbeBubba) through our contact us section. I look forward to answering all questions and speaking with anybody who is interested in asking Bubbe about any cannabis inquiries such as tips, questions, and how to bake.

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