Headband is a rush...Skunk Beard shatter daytime delight.

If you are a fan of Headband (a brilliant hybrid of OG KUSH and Sour Diesel) then you will love the concentrated version of his amazing strain. Ideal as a daytime medicine, Headband shatter by Skunk Beard is as close perfect as I have found. While I have heard the legend of "mysterious headband" effect, I have to say I did not believe it for one second - until now. The effects are uplifting and energizing compared to most shatters in the Sativa realm. And then...yes what feels like a slight headband feeling does arrive.

I loved this strain the first time I tried it and this shatter did not let me down. The processing is obviously top notch and you get that directly from the taste and the effects - at MMJ Canada now.

I give this shatter 4 out of 5 dabs!

#Concentrates #MedicalMarijuana #dabs #Sativa

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