LOVES Crazy Kushy Katsu Bubba from SoCo on Yonge!

This bud has relieved my stress after a long depressing and tension filled day. In terms of a recommendation, I'm torn. Contrary to most others experiences with the strain, it seems like a heavy Indica dominant hybrid but the sativa effects are so impossible to ignore so I felt obligated to make a mention of them. You truly have to try this flower yours​​elf. The bud shows some similarities to another that I've gotten from SoCo in the past, Conkushion. The conkushion however, was an obvious heavy indica dominant strain! In my opinion, they are both very much worth a try!

Let's take a second to check out these colours as well! Look at this! No filter! I don't typically describe buds as filthy, but this bud if filthy (in the most pleasant and appealing Manor, that is). The taste of this is mildly fruity and kushy with slight hints of cinnamon (or another spice, but lacking a better comparison).

Overall this bud received a solid 8/10 on TheStickyGrinder dank scale, but when factoring in the extremely extremely fair price of 30/3.5 - this bud is simply a MUST TRY with an astounding final result of 9/10 on TheStickyGrinder Overall Scale of Satisfaction.

#medicalmarijuana #indicadominant #Hybrid #KatsuKush

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