Master Yoda - Out of this world taste and effects.

Master Yoda was purchased on the basis of how it smelled upon examination at Potluck Apothecary in Toronto. It was recommended by the always-amazing staff who were on hand and so a Strain review was born. Wishing we tested it on May the 4th...regardless here goes:

First of all, if you are a flavor connoisseur you may really like this hybrid flower. It has a fairly pungent, earthy overtone with a hint of berry. Highly enjoyable after taste as well.

This plant's parents are OG Kush and Master Kush which lend themselves in almost equal parts to a relaxed if not sleepy euphoria. This bud would likely be ideal for insomnia or anxiety at bed time.

Master Yoda is a nice 420 treat.

#MasterYoda #Hybrid #Relaxed #MedicalMarijuana #mmj

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